Spread the Word

Your opinion matters! Personal recommendations drive most book sales. What’s more, I’m an indie author, which means I’ve chosen to publish without a big publishing house. So I rely even more on readers like you! Here are some ways you can help spread the word about Back in the USSR.

Review it online. Here are links to various platforms:
Barnes & Noble
Apple Books
My own store

Share it on social media. Write your own post and include a link to my website, or share one of my posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

Recommend it in person. Tell a friend, family member, or teacher. Request it from your local library. Suggest it to a book group. (They can use my discussion guide.)

I’m so grateful for your help. Thank you!

– Patrick

  • Tips for reviews on Amazon:
    • You don’t have to buy the book from Amazon to leave a review! Although if you do, you’ll get a little “Verified Purchase” badge, and it counts more.
    • You do have to follow their rules. Like, no profanity. And don’t say you’re writing “in exchange” for anything. If you received an advance copy, say so! And add that you’re leaving the review voluntarily.
    • Delays happen. Your review might show up on Amazon right away, or it might take a few days. If it takes too long, you can check your Profile page or email Amazon to ask them to approve it.