A beautiful stranger.
A vanishing corpse.
A gathering storm.
One record holds the key.

When Harrison George, son of American diplomats, arrives in Cold War Moscow for winter break, he plans to daydream and hang out with his friend Prudence Akobo, street-smart daughter of foreign correspondents.

Instead, he and Prudence stumble onto the trail of the Album, a long lost Beatles relic and priceless symbol of freedom in a country where rock music is banned.

Chased by treasure hunters, gangsters and spies, they don’t know who to trust. If they don’t find the Album first, they could end up missing — or dead — themselves.

Harrison and Prudence face a choice. Will they be pawns in a game of global conflict, or can they help a maverick KGB agent on a mission of personal redemption?

BACK IN THE USSR is available December 2022 in ebook, paperback, and hardcover, wherever you buy books. It will appeal to fans of Alex Rider, Code Name Verity, and I Must Betray You, and anyone who loves the music of the Beatles.

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