A song could unlock a secret. A record could save the world.

The second half of the twentieth century gave us the Cold War, and it brought us to the brink of destruction.

It also gave us rock ‘n’ roll. 

In this series of gripping adventures, young people caught in the crossfire of the Cold War discover the power of music to fight oppression and feed the human spirit.

Featuring unforgettable characters and a powerful sense of place, the Sing & Shout thrillers take you on a wild ride through a forgotten period of recent history.


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A series with “crossover” appeal, the Sing & Shout Thrillers are enjoyed by adults and younger readers alike. 

"If you enjoy a little espionage set in romantic cold War locations populated with upstanding heroes who make delightfully dangerous decisions, you will like these books." - Strong Sense of Place podcast 

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