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Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

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Just before dawn a mist crept across the Charles Bridge. It slid over the cobblestones and climbed up the lampposts. The heavy sky pressed down upon Prague, but the city pushed back with its steeples and monuments. The world seemed not quite real. 

In 1968, Josie arrives in Prague as a rookie reporter for the Toronto Post. She grew up in thrall of her grandmother’s stories about the old country, and now she’s on the brink of a promising career. It’s a dream come true.

But her dream is about to become a nightmare. 

A shocking invasion thunders into the city. Josie is left with a cryptic message, which she must decipher before the city falls. 

Alone against powerful forces, she finds common ground with another young reporter. But can she trust him? And will they know friend from foe as they uncover a shadowy conspiracy? 

Strawberry Fields is a prequel to Back in the USSR in the Sing & Shout series of historical thrillers. 


Publisher: Spy Pond Press
Publication Date:
: 9798986169934 (ebook) | 9798986169941 (paperback) | 9798986169958 (hardcover)
Print Length: 150 pages
Print Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches (216 x 140 mm)

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  • "Breathless chases, cryptic clues, a heroine with grit, and a little romance ... A bang-up job of keeping the pages turning and vividly rendering the sights of Prague"

    -Melissa Joulwan, Strong Sense of Place podcast

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Customer Reviews

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This is a prequel to the first in the Sing and Shout series. 'Back in the USSR' is a gripping historical thriller set in Moscow. It featured political repression, action, musical references, and the much-desired intrigue to obtain the illegal Beatle's White Album. Rock music was considered decadent, and the Beatle's music symbolized freedom. Both books were well-researched and informative, with appealing characters. There is a vibrant sense of place.

This story is set in Czechoslovakia more than a decade earlier. Josie, a young rookie reporter, arrived in Prague in 1968. She was sent by the Toronto Post because of her ability to speak the language. She learned the Czech language from her grandmother, who now lived in Canada, but told Josie stories about life in the old country. She recounted running through fields of strawberries outside of Prague as a child.

No sooner does Josie arrive in Prague when Russian tanks thunder into the city. This begins a tense, exciting story that is fast-paced and breathtaking.

I wish to thank the author, Patrick D Joyce, for this thrilling historical book. I will look forward to more of his compelling political stories enhanced with references to Beatles music.